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Happy Labor (or lack thereof) Day!

Heavens Best Lancaster PA Top Wood Floor Clean Detailing Shine

Guess the summer really is over now! Growing closer to pumpkin and cornstalk time…my FAVORITE season! Before you know it, the leaves will be turning. If you check the local orchards, some of the early apples are already in, and there’s even a hint of cool and crisp in the air if you wish for it hard enough!

Autumn is a good time for cleaning. Fall pollen is settling into carpets, and mold spores from the decaying leaves will be joining the pollen soon. If you don’t remove the allergens, they will just hunker in and visit with you for the winter. However, if clever you does clean your flooring, you’ll be able to lay fresh walk-off mats at each entry, to catch the debris from the winter storms that follow. You’ll close up those windows for the season, knowing that the bad stuff is mostly outside, not squatting in your family areas.

Today, enjoy your holiday, but when the party’s over call Heaven’s Best for a heavenly clean.  898-6340