Our anniversary…LUCKY 13!!!

July marks the 13th anniversary of Heaven’s Best of Lancaster…13 lovely years serving the people of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. In honor of this milestone, we are offering 13% off services of $100 or more, for the next 13 days. Join us in the celebration!!


Offer ends 7/18/16

Permanent..just another word in the dictionary?


adjective –  lasting or intended to last or remain unchanged indefinitely.

Such a lovely word when applied to peace, joy, love, home. Not so nice when applied to injury, loss, or STAIN !  So when is a permanent stain really permanent? A lot depends on the type of surface involved, the length of dwell time, and whether a well-intentioned helper has set the stain with the wrong product/process. Over-the-counter products can contain chemicals that actually change the composition of the original spot, rendering it … permanent!

The very worst (and likely impossible to remove) stain is red dye. We do have red dye removers which have successfully removed many ugly red spots, but unfortunately, there are probably just as many that just smiled back at us with their permanent cherry red smile. Moms – teach your kids to love lemonade and limeade instead of cherry kool aide and fruit punch if they’re on anything other than hard surfaces! Same goes for red wine…keep to white when you can if you’re on the carpet or sofa. If spills occur, blot it up immediately with a nice absorbent terry towel, or a pile of white paper towels. Later, when all the liquid has wicked into the towels, clean the spot gently with a mild cleaner (like our Heaven’s Best Spotter).

Another potentially permanent stain occurs when the potting soil from those house plants is knocked over onto the floor or furniture. Commercial potting soil contains all those lovely chemicals that indoor plants thrive on, and carpet and upholstery likes to suck up permanently.  Time is of the essence here…vacuum the mess up immediately, and we just might be okay.

Pet stains usually come out if they haven’t been ignored, or allowed to seep through to the pad and/or subfloor. Again, soak it up immediately…as much as you can possibly pull up. Even when it looks like you’ve soaked it all up, put another towel down and apply weight..you’ll bring up more. Afterwards, clean the spot with our spotter. Once the pad has been involved, you will usually be blessed with a constant pet odor, which can usually be resolved by replacing the portion of the pad that is affected.

Bottom line, folks…be smart. If you spill it, dribble it, or notice it, soak it up! Don’t use strong cleaners or infomercial specials unless you’ve already tried them in an inconspicuous spot. …and when you need a little help, call Heaven’s Best !  Enjoy life…we’ll clean it up!!

Getting ready for the change of season…

Wow…Autumn is technically here, and realistically knocking at the door. WHERE IN THE BLAZES DID SUMMER GO???

Guess that rhetorical question really doesn’t deserve an answer…what does matter is WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO GET READY FOR THE COOLER SEASON? I’m in the process of shaping things up outside. Excess bushes, branches, and other overgrowth is falling victim to my shears. It’s always a good idea to winterize your lawn as well (and in my case kill the grubs that are feasting on it). It’s probably a good time to clean the windows (as my friend at Fish Window Cleaning says..when the leaves fall, you can suddenly see how little you can see…). Of course, we can’t forget the myriad of leaf blowing/rakings. Then, if you have a garden like I do, pull the dead stuff out to let the beds rest for the winter.

Now the world knows what a good steward you are…until they’re invited inside. Remember all those leaves and dead plant material you’ve been tending to? Guess what…they’ve hitched a ride inside, along with excess pollen. Time for a good cleaning in there, too…a leg up on the holiday season to come. Carpet and upholstery are the two best filters in your home…but they won’t work well if they’re clogged with what they’re filtering. Vacuum frequently, and call in a professional. At Heaven’s Best we stand ready to clean your carpet and upholstery leaving it bright and fresh smelling. While you’re at it, we can clean and wax your hardwood floors, and scrub your tile and grout floors, too.

Smile…it’s time for fires and woodsmoke, cider and doughnuts, pumpkins and candycorn! Have a GREAT autumn!



And sometimes we just need to adjust…

As carpet cleaners, we have a tendency to think that carpet is the best choice for flooring. As tile & grout and hardwood cleaners, we can vote for them, too. The question then arises, what about all the OTHER floor coverings?

As Dave’s disability increases, and his reliance on a wheelchair becomes constant, there are disadvantages in all of the above options. With that in mind, we just today have finished with the installation of the “latest and greatest” …. vinyl planking. We have lived with this stuff in the bedroom/office area since summer. I have to say, I think it’s great. You obviously lose the elegance of true wood flooring, but spills won’t damage it. The wheelchairs (both electric and manual) run flawlessly and unimpeded. Falls will lose the cushioning that carpeting provided, but i have to think that the more secure footing will also limit the falls.

A new line of cleaning, you might think…but from all I can find from any and all of the manufacturers is that CLEAR WATER and a mop is the best cleaner. Really dirty floors might need a dash of ammonia. WOW! You won’t need us for these floors! Nonetheless, given the appropriate circumstances, these floors ROCK!


Is It Spring Yet?????

And here we go yet again…a forecast of several inches of snow tonight, and the prospect of even more tomorrow night. We’ve had a miraculously mild winter this year (precipitation-wise), but it looks like it’s time to pay the piper!

When foul weather graces our winter months, the general public has a tendency to shove carpet and upholstery cleaning off until spring.  Just avoiding wasted effort…right? Then let me ask you…would you even CONSIDER leaving the salt and sand that accumulates on your car or truck until spring? Too big an investment to endanger…right? Well, then…do you have the faintest memory of what you paid for your floor covering? Are you really ready to pony up for that expense again any time soon?

Any type of debris…including plain old dirt, acts as a sandpaper-like abrasive as your feet grind and drag it across your flooring. A high quality vacuum cleaner is essential in protecting your investment. Beyond that, most manufacturers recommend (and likely require for warranty purposes) at least an annual professional cleaning. Not only will this protect your flooring, it will leave it looking newer longer.

Better yet, did you know that the average homeowners’ carpet harbors about 200,000 bacteria on every square inch? (about 4,000 times as much as their toilet seat) Skin cells, food particles, and pollen can all feed bacteria living in carpeting, and unfortunately, most vacuums don’t have the suction power to remove all of them. Professional cleaning provides disinfecting. It’s not just snow season…it’s cold and flu season as well!

Time to give your favorite professional carpet cleaners a call…Heaven’s Best of Lancaster  717-898-6340