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Fabric / Carpet Protection

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Fabric / Carpet Protection

What is it?

It creates an invisible shield within the carpet or upholstery fibers to provide a deep down protection from spills, spots, and everyday soiling. It is recommended that our stain guard be reapplied after each cleaning.

What is it? How does it work?

Unlike other leading brand stain guards which adhere to the fibers, our product penetrates and is absorbed into the fibers. It helps prevent spills from penetrating the fibers, giving you more time to remove the spill before it becomes permanent. It makes carpet and upholstery easier to clean and reduces the risk of permanent staining. Spills clean up easier, faster, and more thoroughly; and helps reduce sun fading and molding.

See the Difference Yourself!

Why would you need Stain Guard?

Stain resistant carpet and upholstery fibers have been treated in the factory with a product to reduce the possibility of permanent staining. Over time, these products wear off, leaving your carpet and upholstery unprotected. A high quality stain guard should be reapplied in order to keep your carpet and upholstery stain resistant. Without this re-application, you may have little or no protection.

Heaven’s Best stain guard is one of the best products available for stain resistance. In most cases, it will outperform the original protector applied to your carpet or upholstery during manufacturing.

Top 5 Reasons to Consider Using a Stain Guard

  1. Your carpets will last longer after applying the protectant.
  2. A fiber protectant will reduce permanent stains and spots on your carpets by repelling the liquid allowing you to remove spots and spills more effectively and avoid permanent damage to your carpet.
  3. Carpets are much more vulnerable to wear and tear especially on heavy traffic areas where dirt can literally tear your carpet fibers. It is wise to apply a carpet protectant rather than risk damaging your costly carpet. An unprotected carpet is defenseless versus a carpet where a protectant has been applied after cleaning.
  4. Applying a protectant will make it easier for you to remove spills. This means less time cleaning up the spot, and less wear and tear of your carpets.
  5. Applying a protectant will also make it easier to clean your carpet. More soil will be removed the next time your carpet is professionally cleaned.

(With thanks to our sister company – Heaven’s Best of Greenville, SC!)