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Post By: JoAnn Dilts

Our anniversary…LUCKY 13!!!

July marks the 13th anniversary of Heaven’s Best of Lancaster…13 lovely years serving the people of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. In honor of this milestone, we are offering 13% off services of $100 or more, for the next 13 days. Join us in the celebration!!   Offer ends 7/18/16

Permanent..just another word in the dictionary?

per·ma·nent: adjective –  lasting or intended to last or remain unchanged indefinitely. Such a lovely word when applied to peace, joy, love, home. Not so nice when applied to injury, loss, or STAIN !  So when is a permanent stain really permanent? A lot depends on the type of surface involved, the length of dwell time, and whether […]

Getting ready for the change of season…

Wow…Autumn is technically here, and realistically knocking at the door. WHERE IN THE BLAZES DID SUMMER GO??? Guess that rhetorical question really doesn’t deserve an answer…what does matter is WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO GET READY FOR THE COOLER SEASON? I’m in the process of shaping things up outside. Excess bushes, branches, and other overgrowth is […]

And sometimes we just need to adjust…

As carpet cleaners, we have a tendency to think that carpet is the best choice for flooring. As tile & grout and hardwood cleaners, we can vote for them, too. The question then arises, what about all the OTHER floor coverings? As Dave’s disability increases, and his reliance on a wheelchair becomes constant, there are […]

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