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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Name that Carpet!

Ever wonder about the different styles and types of carpet? Each has its own type of construction and special use. http://www.carpet-rug.org/residential-customers/selecting-the-right-carpet-or-rug/index.cfm

Choosing the RIGHT Carpet Pad

The choice of pad under your carpet is one of the most crucial purchase decisions you will be making, if you want your investment to serve you long and well. See guidelines from the Carpet & Rug Institute: www.carpet-rug.org/residential-customers/selecting-the-right-carpet-or-rug/selecting-the-right-cushion.cfm  

Seven Reasons Why Carpet is the Number One Flooring Choice

Seven Reasons Why Carpet is Number One Flooring Choice by The Carpet And Rug Institute Flooring expert discusses carpets benefits and advantages An article titled, Carpet – Benefits and Advantages, written by flooring contractor John Rutledge, highlights some of the reasons carpet is still homeowners’ #1 flooring choice.   1. Carpet Provides Safety First and […]

Uggg! Feeling Puny!

Whether you live in Lancaster, Lititz, Strasburg, or Willow Street, people get sick! The puke fairy waved her magic wand over our house last night…how kind!  😥  The real killer when you’re bugged by a bug, is the feeling that the cleanup just didn’t get things as fresh as you’d like. Heaven’s Best can pay […]