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Tips to Remove Allergy Triggers from Your Home

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We at Heaven’s Best want all of our customers to stay healthy, happy and comfortable. We felt it might be helpful to provide a few tips for reducing the allergens that bombard you on a daily basis.

1. Make a SCHEDULE for carpet cleaning.
Keep it simple…put a reminder on your calendar to vacuum with a HEPA filter vacuum at least once every week or two. Bring professional cleaners in at least twice a year. If you have pets, or family members who suffer from severe allergies, make that schedule more frequent…the important thing is to make the cleanings a HABIT.

2. Search and destroy dust and other home allergens.
If you vacuum religiously, but leave the dust-bunnies under the furniture or on the bookshelves, like Don Quixote, you are probably tilting at windmills. This is a “whole house” effort!

3. Eliminate the things that really trigger flareups.
A special pillowcase to prevent dust mites from being breathed in by your sensitive family member, or a professional cleaning of that upholstery to remove animal dander are great places to start.

4. Ask the experts.
Here at Heaven’s Best, we are ready to help you get started on your quest for limited allergen living. Call us today for a FREE estimate to clean upholstery or flooring. 717-898-6340