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Strasburg Doesn’t Have Chocolate, but…The Creamery!

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Strasburg, a cute, quaint little town on the southeast side of Lancaster County, was founded in 1693 by French Huguenots. The Amish (Pennsylvania Dutch) populated the area in the early 1700’s, as farms were established in the countryside surrounding Strasburg.

The early village homes were crude, and made of logs. About two dozen of these log homes remain today, lovingly restored and preserved by their owners.

Strasburg began to blossom, and became an important crossroads on the road between Philadelphia and Lancaster. In the late 1700’s, the Lancaster Turnpike (America’s first) was completed, and a huge portion of it’s commercial traffic disappeared. Even the Strasburg Rail System never pulled the expected traffic into the area.

Fast forward to today. Even though the Strasbug Railroad didn’t make its intended impact on commerce in the 1800’s, it delights kids and adults on a daily basis with it’s rides, Railroad Museum, and National Toy Train Museum. Sight and Sound Theatre is a venue unlike any other, and Cherry Crest Adventure Farm hosts a 5 acre corn maze.

Drum roll, please…no chocolate factories, but there is the Strasburg Country Store and Creamery! Homemade fudge and homemade ice cream (the BEST in Lancaster County) in homemade waffle cones…divine!

Are you beginning to see why I can’t crown Lititz the ONLY cool small town in Lancaster County?