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Red, Orange, Yellow, and Gold Leaves

Heavens Best Lancaster PA Top Wood Floor Clean Detailing Shine

I came home from Houston late Sunday, after being away for 10 days. In that interim, the leaves had changed gloriously…and the abundant sunshine made for a perfect homecoming. After trying to catch up on a multitude of chores, I decided that Thursday was my day…I’d get started with the leaf blowing and mulching. Have you looked outside today? EPIC FAIL! The drizzle has reduced those papery leaves to slippery ground cover.

Of course it doesn’t end there…whole trees full of leaves attach themselves to our feet, and mosey their way into my hallways and living areas. And did I mention the wheelchair? A motorized wheelchair such as Dave uses, picks up leaves, and spins them into the infrastructure, to reveal themselves at odd times over the next few hours.

Of course there’s a point to this rant…faced with similar issues, call Heaven’s Best. We can clean all your flooring surfaces (carpet, hardwood, tile & grout), and leave them bright and fresh for the upcoming holidays. (And when we’re done with yours. I’ll get to mine 😉 ! )  898-6340