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Preparing for Christmas

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Only a week till Thanksgiving…the day before I traditionally put up/out all my Christmas pretties. Know I must be getting older…the season comes faster, and the pizazz is a bit muted. But then I allowed my mind to wander…who the heck do I think I am…me, the lady with 3 amazing grown children, the BEST son-in-law, a husband, a dog, and 2 grandpuppies (not necessarily in any order of importance). Have you listened to the pleas lately? The rescue missions are behind in food and funds, and here I sit grumping at a little less pizazz!

Water Street Ministries in Lancaster (210 S Prince St) is our very own rescue mission. We love all these people…the administration, the volunteers, and the blessed people who have received a second chance in the program.  And they need our help.

Please consider a donation of food, funds, or the simple act of volunteer serving. The ministries would be blessed, and I’m sure you would find yourself blessed in return. If Water Street is not in your area, Bethesda Mission at 611 Reily St, Harrisburg, PA 17102, is also in need. It’s the holidays, folks…give a little hope, and a hand up!