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Permanent..just another word in the dictionary?

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adjective –  lasting or intended to last or remain unchanged indefinitely.

Such a lovely word when applied to peace, joy, love, home. Not so nice when applied to injury, loss, or STAIN !  So when is a permanent stain really permanent? A lot depends on the type of surface involved, the length of dwell time, and whether a well-intentioned helper has set the stain with the wrong product/process. Over-the-counter products can contain chemicals that actually change the composition of the original spot, rendering it … permanent!

The very worst (and likely impossible to remove) stain is red dye. We do have red dye removers which have successfully removed many ugly red spots, but unfortunately, there are probably just as many that just smiled back at us with their permanent cherry red smile. Moms – teach your kids to love lemonade and limeade instead of cherry kool aide and fruit punch if they’re on anything other than hard surfaces! Same goes for red wine…keep to white when you can if you’re on the carpet or sofa. If spills occur, blot it up immediately with a nice absorbent terry towel, or a pile of white paper towels. Later, when all the liquid has wicked into the towels, clean the spot gently with a mild cleaner (like our Heaven’s Best Spotter).

Another potentially permanent stain occurs when the potting soil from those house plants is knocked over onto the floor or furniture. Commercial potting soil contains all those lovely chemicals that indoor plants thrive on, and carpet and upholstery likes to suck up permanently.  Time is of the essence here…vacuum the mess up immediately, and we just might be okay.

Pet stains usually come out if they haven’t been ignored, or allowed to seep through to the pad and/or subfloor. Again, soak it up immediately…as much as you can possibly pull up. Even when it looks like you’ve soaked it all up, put another towel down and apply weight..you’ll bring up more. Afterwards, clean the spot with our spotter. Once the pad has been involved, you will usually be blessed with a constant pet odor, which can usually be resolved by replacing the portion of the pad that is affected.

Bottom line, folks…be smart. If you spill it, dribble it, or notice it, soak it up! Don’t use strong cleaners or infomercial specials unless you’ve already tried them in an inconspicuous spot. …and when you need a little help, call Heaven’s Best !  Enjoy life…we’ll clean it up!!