Heaven's Best Lancaster, LLC

“We appreciate the good job you did cleaning the carpet at our new house. Thanks to the clean carpet (and your ozone machine treatment), the house no longer smells of pets and cigarette smoke. Thanks again for the hard work you did!”

Jeff N – Lititz, PA

” . . . Dan is extremely polite, well spoken, organized and considerate. He was a joy to have in the house and did a wonderful job.”
Leigh P. – Mountville, PA

“You ROCK! Thanks so much for all of your services over the past couple of months. Thanks a bunch for the hallway this last time…it didn’t go unnoticed!”
Jen H. – Elizabethtown, PA

“Today Dan Dilts did the impossible with the carpet in a rental property that we own. When I saw how bad the tenants had left them, I really thought we would have to rip them out. I am so glad I called Heaven’s Best. I could not believe what I saw. I will definitely be recommending Heaven’s Best to my friends and relatives.”
Barbara G. – Strasburg, PA

“Great job. Everyone is amazed. We have received many compliments from future tenants!”

Alan – Lancaster County Property Manager

Thanks for such a superb job on my carpeting. It was quite a thrill to come home from my trip and see the results.
Sally W. – Manheim, PA

“Dan, thanks for going the extra mile in cleaning our living room carpet. The puppy stains are gone. The carpet looks great. We were thinking we were going to have to replace it.
Thanks again. Terrific work.”
Bob B – Lititz, PA