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National Teacher Appreciation Week

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Time for a rant….

I grew up with the appalling quote “Those can, do…those who can’t, teach”. It was part of the insidious culture, that along with the unliveable wages, kept me from pursuing a teaching career.

Enter the 21st century. Education is abysmal, but very minimally correlating to the caliber of teachers, and most definitely attributable to the appalling decline of “the system”. Our teachers, for the most part, spend countless hours outside the classrooms preparing, reviewing, and planning for our children’s welfare. They enter the classrooms to an atmosphere of disrespect, cobbled by insane rules and watered down curriculum, and praying for families that care enough to discipline and tutor at home…….and yet they still wring seemingly impossible success out of children who in spite of everything, still want to learn.

Respect your educators, and teach your children to respect them, too. If you have a beef with the school, air it as an adult, in a private adult meeting. Most of all, THANK  THE  TEACHERS  for blessing your children with the gift of knowledge, and the skills to obtain more.