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Keeping those carpets looking new…and replacement at bay

Heavens Best Lancaster PA Top Wood Floor Clean Detailing Shine

We were in Lititz last week, cleaning all the carpeting and upholstery for a regular customer. This particular customer had carpets that looked GREAT before we even started.

You may ask, “Why should I clean my carpets when they look just fine?” I’ll respond with another question, “Do you wait for the light to come on before you change your oil?”. Dirt is abrasive to carpet fibers…ANY carpet fibers. Vacuuming removes surface debris, but one look at our cleaning pads after a swipe over our customer’s carpets would tell you that vacuuming can’t pull out all the dirt. By the time we had finished, the buildup of animal hair, dirt, and even non-visible allergens was out of the carpets, and headed out of their house. Job done, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. What this doesn’t say, is how wonderful these same carpets will look next year, 2 years from now, and on and on. Carpets well cared for are carpets that meet and totally exceed manufacturers projections. Our own home carpet is 25+ years old, and we’re finally seriously considering replacement. That’s a pretty fine return on investment!