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Is It Spring Yet?????

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And here we go yet again…a forecast of several inches of snow tonight, and the prospect of even more tomorrow night. We’ve had a miraculously mild winter this year (precipitation-wise), but it looks like it’s time to pay the piper!

When foul weather graces our winter months, the general public has a tendency to shove carpet and upholstery cleaning off until spring.  Just avoiding wasted effort…right? Then let me ask you…would you even CONSIDER leaving the salt and sand that accumulates on your car or truck until spring? Too big an investment to endanger…right? Well, then…do you have the faintest memory of what you paid for your floor covering? Are you really ready to pony up for that expense again any time soon?

Any type of debris…including plain old dirt, acts as a sandpaper-like abrasive as your feet grind and drag it across your flooring. A high quality vacuum cleaner is essential in protecting your investment. Beyond that, most manufacturers recommend (and likely require for warranty purposes) at least an annual professional cleaning. Not only will this protect your flooring, it will leave it looking newer longer.

Better yet, did you know that the average homeowners’ carpet harbors about 200,000 bacteria on every square inch? (about 4,000 times as much as their toilet seat) Skin cells, food particles, and pollen can all feed bacteria living in carpeting, and unfortunately, most vacuums don’t have the suction power to remove all of them. Professional cleaning provides disinfecting. It’s not just snow season…it’s cold and flu season as well!

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