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Getting ready for the change of season…

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Wow…Autumn is technically here, and realistically knocking at the door. WHERE IN THE BLAZES DID SUMMER GO???

Guess that rhetorical question really doesn’t deserve an answer…what does matter is WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO GET READY FOR THE COOLER SEASON? I’m in the process of shaping things up outside. Excess bushes, branches, and other overgrowth is falling victim to my shears. It’s always a good idea to winterize your lawn as well (and in my case kill the grubs that are feasting on it). It’s probably a good time to clean the windows (as my friend at Fish Window Cleaning says..when the leaves fall, you can suddenly see how little you can see…). Of course, we can’t forget the myriad of leaf blowing/rakings. Then, if you have a garden like I do, pull the dead stuff out to let the beds rest for the winter.

Now the world knows what a good steward you are…until they’re invited inside. Remember all those leaves and dead plant material you’ve been tending to? Guess what…they’ve hitched a ride inside, along with excess pollen. Time for a good cleaning in there, too…a leg up on the holiday season to come. Carpet and upholstery are the two best filters in your home…but they won’t work well if they’re clogged with what they’re filtering. Vacuum frequently, and call in a professional. At Heaven’s Best we stand ready to clean your carpet and upholstery leaving it bright and fresh smelling. While you’re at it, we can clean and wax your hardwood floors, and scrub your tile and grout floors, too.

Smile…it’s time for fires and woodsmoke, cider and doughnuts, pumpkins and candycorn! Have a GREAT autumn!