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common ice melt products can cause damage to your carpet and floors

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Winter is coming and with it the snow. Many home and business owners will start pulling out their handy-dandy ice melt to keep slippery sidewalks, stairs, and parking lots safe. As employees, guests, and family walk through your front door they will not only track in snow, but they will  bring the ice melt along as well. Many ice melt products can actually damage carpets and wood floors if not cleaned up immediately.

Currently there are two types of ice melt that are most prevalent on the market: rock salt and calcium chloride. Rock salt is a sodium chloride base product that can leave a white residue on floors and carpets. Calcium chloride, on the other hand, will leave oily spots on carpet. The spots will then attract dirt and can leave carpet damaged and dirty.

In this case an ounce of prevention really does amount to a pound of cure. If ice melts are cleaned up immediately, or better yet, are never tracked into the house, professional cleaning can be avoided and the life of the carpet can be prolonged. Using a mat outside and inside each entry way can reduce the amount of salt that actually makes it indoors. Requiring shoes to be left in the entry way prevents any remaining ice melt from being tracked into the interior rooms.

If you find that oily stains and chalky residue still appear on your carpet or floor, allow us to help. Enjoy life…we’ll clean it up!!!

















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