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Create a vacuum schedule: Have you ever wondered if vacuuming really makes a difference? Removing soil when it’s on the surface, before it gets tramped down, is the first and most important step in carpet maintenance. Use slow, repetitive motions that overlap (about four swipes), ensuring you get right up to the edges where dust, […]

The Truth About Pet Urine

  Some pet spots are actually stains, and CANNOT be removed. The same goes for urine odor. With proper treatment, however, there is often remediation. One of the biggest misconceptions is that if you flood the spots with water and suck it back up, the problem will disappear. Actually, flooding and extracting the spots is […]

Permanent Stains

Sorry folks – some spills simply cannot be removed and WILL result in permanent stains. This is because the chemicals involved actually alter the carpet’s color. These spills include, but are not limited to: acid toilet bowl cleaners, acne medication, alkaline drain cleaners, chlorinated bleaches, hair dyes, iodine, insecticides, mustard with tumeric (or tumeric in […]

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