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Back to Our “Tour of Lancaster County” – New Holland

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Food is great everywhere in Lancaster County, but when I’m looking for great deals on immaculate craftsmanship, I look no farther than New Holland, PA. It all started one year, when I was looking for  a specific “bench/coat rack ” for my foyer. A friend suggested a small rural gift shop along Railroad Avenue in New Holland.

To say I was charmed by Mary Martin and her rustic arts would be an understatement….and her husband’s willingness to design the size and type of bench I needed from barnwood was just what I was looking for. Each holiday following, I was sure to visit Mary’s shop to pick up those few “special extras”, and sometimes order my own composition in fraktur for a newlywed. It was only natural that I contacted her when I was looking for a quality handmade quilt that cost less than my car.

Now Mary doesn’t quilt, but I just knew she had to know someone. Someone happened to be her relative, Ada Martin, who lives “down around the bend”. Ada and her team of 2-3 ladies each provide their individual expertise to a specific stage of a project to create absolutely LOVELY quilts at a fraction of the going rates in tourist town. My first purchase was a special order king size (all kings are special order) for my oldest daughter and her husband…their own “family heirloom”.  In 2011, for my 30th wedding anniversary, I ordered my very own. I actually smile when I make my bed…it’s that beautiful!