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And sometimes we just need to adjust…

Heavens Best Lancaster PA Top Wood Floor Clean Detailing Shine

As carpet cleaners, we have a tendency to think that carpet is the best choice for flooring. As tile & grout and hardwood cleaners, we can vote for them, too. The question then arises, what about all the OTHER floor coverings?

As Dave’s disability increases, and his reliance on a wheelchair becomes constant, there are disadvantages in all of the above options. With that in mind, we just today have finished with the installation of the “latest and greatest” …. vinyl planking. We have lived with this stuff in the bedroom/office area since summer. I have to say, I think it’s great. You obviously lose the elegance of true wood flooring, but spills won’t damage it. The wheelchairs (both electric and manual) run flawlessly and unimpeded. Falls will lose the cushioning that carpeting provided, but i have to think that the more secure footing will also limit the falls.

A new line of cleaning, you might think…but from all I can find from any and all of the manufacturers is that CLEAR WATER and a mop is the best cleaner. Really dirty floors might need a dash of ammonia. WOW! You won’t need us for these floors! Nonetheless, given the appropriate circumstances, these floors ROCK!